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Tidal Wave!

Blessings Friends! I will be posting my follow-up on the perverse spirit soon. I am really seeking The Holy Spirit’s guidance in this. However, I had a vision Wednesday morning, as I lay on my face before The Lord, that I felt I should share. I believe this is a call to prayer. The vision […]

Effective Fasting–Part II

The Color of Forgiveness

Blessings, Friends, Continuing with our look into fasting, how do you know what type of fast to do or for how long to do it? I would tell you that it depends on what you are trying to achieve. Seek God’s guidance in this. He will lead you. I greatly encourage all Christians to offer […]

Effective Fasting

The Color of Forgiveness

Blessings, Friends, I’ve decided to re-post the next two messages from last year because of their importance in living a Spirit filled life. After my forty-day fast last year, I continued offering the first fruits of each month with a complete 24 hour fast. The growth and supernatural power I experienced where amazing! Healings, demon evictions, supernatural forgiveness […]