5783: A Year to Run Into the Fire!

Blessings Family, Leshana tovah tikatevee v’tichatemee! (May you be written and sealed for a sweet new year!) Last Sunday at sunset, we sounded the shofar and lit the candles to usher in a new year, the first of Tishri, according to the Command of God in Numbers 29:1. On this Appointed Time (Rosh Hashanah), we […]

Strong Delusion: A Word for 5782

Blessings, Family, The High Holy Days have come and gone, and I am just now posting a message. The truth is, I’ve been in a bit of a wrestling match with the Lord this month. As this is typically a time to receive a word for God’s people, I have been seeking a word for […]

A Peculiar People: Why I No Longer Celebrate Easter

Against the Tide

Blessings, Friends, I have been praying over this post for weeks. I had to have the assurance of the Holy Spirit, if not a word from the Father himself, not only that my attitude was right before Him and you, but that I not create a burden for my readers with what the Lord has […]

Taurus Rising: Signs of the Times

Blessings, Family! The Days of Repentance are upon us, and we are seeking God’s forgiveness and His direction for the coming year. As you may know, it is very typical this is a time of year for seers to receive visitations and messages from the Lord concerning the new year. In our house, it seems […]


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Tidal Wave of Judgment

Blessing, Family, In January of 2015, I wrote an article based on a vision I had called “Tidal Wave!” Recently, I have received messages from readers who have had or are having similar dreams and visions. Now, we know there is no coincidence where our God is concerned. Something is going on. “Adonai, God, does […]

Pesach Blessing 2020

Blessings! Happy Pesach (Passover)! I’ve made a video, wishing you, my precious family, a wonderful Pesach and offering a prayer for your crossing over journey. I even sing the Aaronic blessing over you in Hebrew! It comes from the heart, and I hope it blesses you. Just follow the link below to see the video, […]

A Prayer for Yom Kippur

Blessings, Family, Sundown, last Wednesday, marked the end of the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). This appointed time will be fulfilled on the Great Day of the Lord, when all will be judged–either according to their own works, or according to the work of Jesus on the cross. As […]

Sound the Shofar! A Year of New Beginnings!

Blessings, Precious Family, and L’shanah tovah! “Tell the people of Isra’el, ‘In the seventh month, the first of the month is to be for you a day of complete rest for remembering, a holy convocation announced with blasts on the shofar’” Levicitus 23:24 CJB. Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashana) is upon us once more. The day […]

Stronger Than Ever! A Message for 5778

Blessings Friends, What a thrilling time to be in the Kingdom of God! I hope you all are taking full advantage of this time we call the High Holy Days. My family has been so blessed since we began observing these sacred times of meeting, invitations from the Most High God himself! In this Appointed […]