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The Warning VIII: Is It Getting Hot In Here?

Blessings Friends, When my kids were younger, I had a lot of fun on their birthdays arranging treasure hunts for them and their friends. Later, it also became a Christmas tradition. When we have an extra special gift for someone, we love to draw out the excitement of giving by having them follow clues and […]

The Warning VII: A Call to Prayer

Blessings Friends, As I’ve studied the fourth chapter of Amos, The Spirit has really impressed on me the depth of God’s Word. It isn’t merely one dimensional, with one meaning, for one time. It is timeless, and goes beyond the physical, encompassing the spiritual, and probably much more than I have learned to this point. […]

The Warning VI: Till the Cows Leave Home

Blessings Friends, As we begin the fourth chapter of Amos, I’m reminded of growing up on a farm. Namely, raising cattle. Amos 4:1: “Hear this word, you cows of Bashan, who are on the mountain of Samaria, Who oppress the poor, Who crush the needy, Who say to your husbands, ‘Bring wine, let us drink!”’  Again, God is talking […]

The Warning V: The Fate of the Church

Blessings Friends, This next segment in our study of Amos consists of only three verses, yet they are to me vital for the life of The Church and every believer. The Lord has shown me much about this time, and it breaks my heart. How I long to see hearts turn from the sin of pride, […]

The Warning: IV

Blessings Friends, As we continue in Amos 3, God calls out to the leaders of His covenant people. He wants them to wake up and realize what they have done. Acknowledging our sin is the first step to repentance. (Before we begin, I just want to clarify this translation of “Egypt.” Double Straits, or Double […]

The Warning Before the Earthquake III

Blessings Friends, We pick up our study in Amos with chapter 3. Amos 3:1, 2: “Pay attention to this word that Jehovah [the existing One] hath declared against you, O children of Israel [God prevails], against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt [double straight], saying, “You only have I set […]

The Warning Before the Earthquake II

Blessings Friends, We’re finally getting back to Amos. When I closed part one of The Warning Before the Earthquake, I mentioned the lines between Israel and the U.S. blurring, and a great promise to the “special flock.” It’s very exciting for those who place their faith in The Lord! So, picking up where we left […]

The Warning Before the Earthquake

Blessings Family, Thank you so much for all your prayers! I felt my spirit lift shortly after my last post. God is good. And faithful! He gave me such a wonderful dream that night of being surrounded by friends praying and laying hands on me! The presence of The Holy Spirit was so thick, I […]