The Warning Before the Earthquake II

Blessings Friends,

We’re finally getting back to Amos. When I closed part one of The Warning Before the Earthquake, I mentioned the lines between Israel and the U.S. blurring, and a great promise to the “special flock.” It’s very exciting for those who place their faith in The Lord! So, picking up where we left off,

 Amos 1:3:

Thus saith the Lord; For three rebellions of Damascus, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof (the earthquake); because they have trampled down the witness of My testimony (Gilead) with incisive harshness, strength, and oppression.”

The origin of “Damascus” means, “silent is the sackcloth weaver.” We probably know it best as the last place Paul was going to persecute the Christians when he met The Lord face-to-face.

Sackcloth goes hand-in-hand with mourning, sackcloth and ashes, yet the weaver is silent. There is no comfort in silence. So, there is knowledge of forthcoming grief, even profit to be made, yet no compassion.

As for the “three rebellions . . . and for four,” this is a Hebraism meant to signify many rebellions. But take a closer look at the numbers. Three signifies the Holy Trinity, therefore, Divine Perfection and Completeness. This tells us that these rebellions are against The Holy Trinity, Elohim.

The number four signifies anything connected with the creation of Elohim. These are also transgressions against the earth and everything created by God.

Here’s the great part:

Amos 1:4:

“But I will send The Holy Spirit into the bodies of those who see Me, which shall devour the strongholds of the sons of the false god.”

Boy, if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will!

From here through Amos 2:6, God warns of His coming judgment, territory by territory. Instead of taking these verses word for word, I’m going to give the meanings of each territory name. I found them very revealing. We’ve already covered Damascus.


Eden—Luxury, finery


Gazza—The strong, mighty

Ashdod—To violently destroy

Ashkelon—The fire of infamy

Ekron—Eradication, Extermination

Tyre—To confine or besiege

Edom—Red or ruddy (like Adam), Of the flesh

Teman—Choosing power

Bozrah—To cut off, Make inaccessible

Ammon—To darken or eclipse


Moab—Of his father

Granted, these actions and attitudes are rampant around the world, so why single out the U.S.?

If you know U.S. history, you know that we are the only nation (besides Israel) established on and for The Name of The Living God. Because of this, God has blessed us with power and riches unequalled in the modern world.

And from here, God brings it home, ending with Judah (praised), Jerusalem (the teaching of peace), and finally Israel (God prevails).

These three set the stage for this message of burden (Amos). However, this people, chosen and blessed by the living God, are not living up to their names.

They are God’s people in name only.

Sound familiar?

In Amos 2:13-16, God tells His people,

“Listen! You’ve heaped sin upon sin, until the weight of your rebellion has crushed me like a cart overloaded with sheaves of fallen grain! And after all I’ve done for you!

“Because of this, I’m going to make you as weak and weary as you make me feel!”

This is my paraphrase, of course. But even at this point, God, like a loving Father, doesn’t want to cause His children pain. Even in the midst of His wrath, there is hope for those who will listen. This is the message I was born to proclaim.

More about that next time.

God’s grace and peace be yours,


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