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About Giving

Watch God Work Ministries is not a 501 (c) (3). 

We believe God’s intention for His church is to remain free from governmental control and to speak the truth as revealed in God’s Word and through the Holy Spirit, free from the constraints and traditions of man.

“Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” Matthew 22:21 NKJV.

We are extremely grateful for any support we receive.

Where do your donations go?

Watch God Work Ministries is a labor of love and obedience, funded entirely by my family and the kind donations of others. We do not draw wages from this ministry, but we do have monthly and yearly expenses to keep it going. 

All donations go directly to operating costs:

  • Domain Registration 
  • Internet Hosting 
  • Email Service
  • Post Images
  • GDPR Privacy Policy Registration
  • Book Publication
  • Technical Equipment & Training

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Photos by Shawna Corbett