A Halloween Invitation: A Different Kind of Party

Blessings, Family, Before I get to the invitation, I have a confession to make. Years ago, I was addicted to Halloween. It’s not something I’m proud of now, but it seemed perfectly harmless at the time. I grew up with trick-or-treating and all the trappings of October 31st, and it was one of my favorite […]

Strong Delusion: A Word for 5782

Blessings, Family, The High Holy Days have come and gone, and I am just now posting a message. The truth is, I’ve been in a bit of a wrestling match with the Lord this month. As this is typically a time to receive a word for God’s people, I have been seeking a word for […]

The Spirit Falls at 4th of July in the Park

Blessings, Family! What an awesome day of ministry at 4th of July in the Park! I did my best to record the event for you all, but once we got going, I had little time to record. So, I basically filmed the beginning and the end, which began around 6:30 a.m. and ended at 5:15 […]

A Peculiar People: Why I No Longer Celebrate Easter

Against the Tide

Blessings, Friends, I have been praying over this post for weeks. I had to have the assurance of the Holy Spirit, if not a word from the Father himself, not only that my attitude was right before Him and you, but that I not create a burden for my readers with what the Lord has […]

Podcast Interview with Jeffrey Paul

Blessings! I had the pleasure of talking with Jeffrey Paul, on his program, Hearing God’s Voice. Jeffrey Paul, has been on a journey that’s taken him from celebrity hairdresser focused on outer beauty to an author, teacher and friend to all seeking God’s abundant life. And, like me, Jeffrey has a heart for taking believers […]


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In Dependence Day

Blessings, Family! Let me start by saying that this message is in no way a judgment or condemnation. As a minister of the Gospel, I have one purpose and one purpose only, to lift up the Body of Christ and encourage you to take your faith to the next level. To become what you were […]

Exciting News!

Blessings, Friends! I just wanted to let you all know that Amazon is offering my book, Loved So Much It Hurts: Purpose in the Pain, at the special price of $17.24 for paperback (previously $21.49) and $9.99 for eBook! This is so exciting for me because I’ve been wanting to lower the price for quite […]

Pesach Blessing 2020

Blessings! Happy Pesach (Passover)! I’ve made a video, wishing you, my precious family, a wonderful Pesach and offering a prayer for your crossing over journey. I even sing the Aaronic blessing over you in Hebrew! It comes from the heart, and I hope it blesses you. Just follow the link below to see the video, […]

Are You Prepared for the Outbreak?

are you prepared for the pandemic?

Blessings Friends, (This was an article I posted in January of 2017. The Lord recently reminded me of this dream when news of the Coronavirus and flu outbreaks hit the news. So, I’m re-posting this for our new family members and anyone who missed it the first time.) I just wanted to pass on a […]