Promise of the Day: Faith’s Reward

Child of the King


Today’s Promise is 2 Timothy 1:11, 12 NIV:

And of this gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher. That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day.


It’s no easier to teach the true Gospel now than it was when Paul wrote this to encourage Timothy. There is only one true Gospel with the power to change hearts and save souls. That Gospel was preached and lived by Jesus, as He is the embodiment of it. He is the Torah, the Living Word, and He commands us to be holy, not worldly. To be set apart from the world, not participating in sinful behavior and insisting that God accept it. This is why sharing and teaching the true Gospel is so hard. So, why do it? Because, as Paul knew, having seen God’s character revealed through the patriarchs and matriarchs of our faith, that God treats the faith we entrust to Him as a precious treasure. A treasure He will guard jealously until His glory is revealed to the world, proving that we have not trusted Him in vain. So, be of good faith, beloved. Stand on God’s Truth and don’t lose heart. Your reward is coming!


Heavenly Father, You know my struggles and my suffering, for Your Son walked this path before me. From the time of Noah, those whose hearts are committed to You and Your Truth have suffered at the hands of the world. But I know, dear Lord, that You rewarded each and every one of them with a crown of glory. Grant me the strength to endure, and let me grow closer to You through each trial, Lord, in Jesus’ name, that I may see the fruits of my labors on that great and wonderful day. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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