Promise of the Day: Not Enough


Today’s Promise is 1 Samuel 1:9 NKJV:

“Then Eli answered and said, ‘Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him.’”


Many believe this is the end of a story about a woman (Hannah) who was desperate for a baby. But, it’s so much more. God had closed Hannah’s womb. Not because she was sinning or rebellious as many of that time believed, though He did have His reasons. Hannah, having gone with her family to offer their yearly sacrifice to God in the Temple, sat down to eat at Shiloh. The name Shiloh means “place of rest,” but Hannah was far from at rest. In fact, she was so distraught, she couldn’t eat. Her husband loved her dearly, but he was only looking at the surface of Hannah’s sadness when he tried to comfort her, basically saying, can’t you just be happy with what you have? I’m better to you than ten sons would be. Even Paul tells us we must learn to be content with what God gives us. So, why was Hannah’s situation different?

Hannah was not unhappy because she didn’t have a son, but because she knew God had created her to be more than she was. God created her to be a mother, and she would not rest until God completed her. Knowing that only God could give her the desire of her heart, she would not let God rest, either. And that is exactly what God wanted. Hannah gave up all dignity, to the point of being accused of being drunk, pouring her heart out to God and promising to give back to God what she received from Him. This pleased God. So much so, He gave her even more than she asked for.

God is looking for Hannahs today. Believers who refuse to be content with the status quo. Believers who know they were created for more. Who are willing to become fools, fasting and crying out for more of Him, knowing only He can make them what He created them to be. These, God will honor, and they will return to Shiloh and be filled with the Bread of Life and be sad no more.


Heavenly Father, I know I am far from the person You created me to be. Help me, Lord, in Jesus’ name, to lose my pride and dignity in pursuit of You. Complete me, Lord, and I will be a living sacrifice to You. Use me for Your glory, Lord. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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