Promise of the Day: Peace and Stability

The Big Reveal


Today’s Promise is Psalm 119:165 CJB:

“Those who love your Torah have great peace;
nothing makes them stumble.


Since Jesus is the embodiment of the Torah (Law), to love Jesus is to love the Torah. When we are one with the Lord, we are one with the Torah, as His Spirit lives through us to fulfill all of His commands. It is in surrendering to His Spirit that we find perfect peace and clear direction in life, regardless of what is happening in the world. For He is the Prince of Peace, and it is His peace He gives those who love Him.


Heavenly Father, I love You. You gave me Your Son to show me the way back to You, and now I can truly know You, and rest in Your Peace, knowing that You are the sovereign God, and I am in Your hands, always. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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