Open Ears and Open Doors!

Blessings Friends,

We’ve hit the ground running this year. The Lord is opening up new and unexpected doors which I’m very excited about, and I’ll be sharing more about that soon.

I’ve received so many dreams and visions concerning the church and strategies of the enemy, I’ve had to take care to really press in and seek the Lord’s direction on how much to share. Much of what I’ve seen and heard in the spirit are warnings and prayer strategies, but before I start releasing that, I want to share one of the most encouraging dreams I’ve received for this new season. A powerful impartation was released to me during this dream, which I share at the end.

The Dream: I was at our county fair, an event which my family has participated in for many years. But, this time I didn’t fit in. I went to areas on the fairgrounds that were very familiar to me, trying to be a part of it, but everywhere I went it was clear I no longer belonged.

At one point, I found myself in a building watching three young ladies performing a dance routine. As they danced, I had instant knowledge that they were all completely deaf. I wondered if they could somehow feel the beat of the music, but they were never quite in sync with it. I realized then that they had memorized the dance and were simply hoping to match the music. As they danced, the tension and frustration became more evident in their faces.

When the performance was over, all three girls were suffering from excruciating headaches. They seemed to think that eating some stew would alleviate their pain and grew angry, not being served fast enough to suit them in their desperation.

As they sat, each at her own table, I raised my hands over them and began to command their ears to be opened. As I prayed, I heard the voice of the Lord behind me. He leaned closed to my ear and said, “Have I not promised open doors in this season? Prophesy open doors!”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I did as the Lord instructed me, pressing in to see what lay beyond the open door that materialized before me. The Lord then told me that each door was as individual as the person it was for. No two doors are the same. It’s up to each of us to press in and discover our door (or doors) and pass through.

The Interpretation: There was much symbolism in this dream, as usual, so I went to the Lord and His Word for understanding—as usual. The first thing that stood out to me was where I was. A fair is a place of fun, indulgence, and strutting your stuff to win awards and accolades. But I no longer fit into these old, familiar surroundings. As disorienting and scary as this sounds, it is a fact of the Kingdom that we must embrace and submit to in faith. Even the laws of physics tell us that we cannot occupy two physical locations at the same time. In order for us to move to higher ground, we must step off of the ground we currently occupy, and start climbing.

The next thing that stood out to me was the three young ladies. As I asked the Lord about this, I kept hearing the same phrase, “Daughters of Zion.” The fact that there were three of them speaks of Divine perfection, representing the three-in-one nature of God. But who are the Daughters of Zion? The word Zion, or Tsiyon in Hebrew, means “parched place” and also “signpost” [1].

Bear in mind that the use of the word, “daughter” is not about the gender, but the nature of the individual. One of the root words of “daughter” or “bath” in Hebrew, is banah, meaning to build up or establish.

“Go on through, go on through the gates, clear the way for the people! Build up a highway, build it up! Clear away the stones! Raise a banner for the peoples!” Isaiah 62:10 CJB

The other root word is ben which means “son,” referring to having children. So, a daughter is one who multiplies, building up the house. But before a daughter can multiply, she must first become a bride. In this case, the Bride of Christ. And, what house is she building up? The House of God. Zion is also called the City of David. It is a mountain of Jerusalem and the permanent capital, and with Jesus seated on the throne of David, it represents the seat of authority in the Kingdom of God.

So, here we see the destiny of the Daughters of Zion, as signposts (raising up a banner) pointing the way to and multiplying or building up the Kingdom of God. But how do they do this? Looking back to the literal meaning of Zion, “parched place” we see the character of the Daughters of Zion. They are those who thirst for the Living Water above all else, relentlessly pursuing the Lord day and night.

We are even shown how they do this in the name Zion, or City of David, by looking to David himself. Above all, David was a man of prayer and worship, which is why he was a man after God’s own heart. His relentless pursuit of God enabled him to know God’s true nature, giving him all the more reason to worship Him.

Isaiah gives us a picture of what will happen to a parched place, when we turn away from the world and seek after the Lord with all our hearts.

“Then the eyes of the blind will be opened,
and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped;
then the lame man will leap like a deer,
and the mute person’s tongue will sing.
For in the desert, springs will burst forth,
streams of water in the ‘Aravah [desert];
the sandy mirage [parched land] will become a pool,
the thirsty ground springs of water.
The haunts where jackals lie down will become
a marsh filled with reeds and papyrus.

A highway will be there, a way,
called the Way of Holiness.
The unclean will not pass over it,
but it will be for those whom he guides —
fools will not stray along it” Isaiah 35:5-8

So, now we know who was dancing in the dream. The only problem was, they couldn’t hear Heaven’s music. They were focused on performance, and they were trying to do it their way. This brought intense pain because they were trying to intellectualize the process of worship and make it about outward appearances.

This is in no way a criticism or judgment. Think of it as a heads-up. An opportunity to reassess our walk with the Lord and realign with Holy Spirit. These spiritual disconnects can be caused by a number of things: demonic interference, distraction, and pride being a few. Isaiah 3:16-17 speaks of a falling away of the Daughters of Zion, warning us that we must never lose sight of our first love.

The dancers in my dream sought to remedy their pain with worldly food symbolized by stew, or by satisfying the lusts of the flesh. The first we read of stew in the Bible is when Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentils, so this is a big red flag. However, in spite of this, in Isaiah, Chapter 4 we see that God’s ultimate plan is the restoration of the Daughters of Zion.

So it was in my dream. I was immediately aware that I was there for a purpose, and without a thought, I raised my hands and began to command their ears to open. But I was thinking too small. The Father’s plan for the Daughters of Zion goes far beyond restoring us to our former state. His desire is for us to go above and beyond what we ever imagined! The Lord had to remind me not to just declare what I know should be, but the very destinies only He can know and reveal!

“Have I not promised open doors in the season?” He asked. “Declare open doors!”

As I mentioned in my previous post, “A New Year: Playing With Fire,” the fulfillment of prophecy requires not only our faith, but our humble obedience. It is vital in this season that we set aside all previous perceptions and head knowledge—about ourselves and God—repent of wrong attitudes, and seek Him with all our hearts.

The Lord is opening doors into the new! But, as He recently showed me in a more recent vision, the openings are small, and only a newborn can pass through. Yes, this is a birthing process, and as the body of a baby (specifically the head) must be supple and pliant to pass through the birth canal, so must we become in spirit. Surrendering to the process and trusting the hands of the Great Physician to deliver us into our new.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! So, if you are ready to leave the old behind and be birthed into your new, lift up your hands now and receive it!

The Impartation:

By the authority granted to me by our Lord, Jesus Christ, I command spiritual ears be open now! Let the voice of the Lord and the music of Heaven be heard loudly and clearly, that the Daughters of Zion may dance in harmony with the God of All Creation! I decree and declare open doors in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, that the Daughters of Zion may be birthed into their new season of glory, going higher and closer to the heart of God than we have ever been before. That we may bring the Glory of God to Earth in our worship, praise, and honor! As the word of God was spoken to me, so let it be done! Amen! And Amen!

Let me know what the Lord is showing you and doing in and through you as you press in. And please let me know how I can pray for you. This is an amazing time to be alive in Christ! Let us encourage one another with our testimonies as we pray for one another. All to the glory of God!

God’s grace and peace be yours,


[1] Strong’s Concordance

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