Halloween Prayer Vigil 2021: Follow Up

Blessings, Family,

I just wanted to follow up on our Halloween Prayer Vigil 2021.

I haven’t heard from any of you about whether you joined us, but I know we were in your prayers, and we appreciate that so much!

We had an awesome night of praise, worship, and power prayers. The Holy Spirit was so heavy, we spent much of the time lying down, but the joy of the Lord filled me to over-flowing. We laughed and we cried, as the Spirit of God spoke to each of our hearts, and I could sense the Lord’s pleasure in our worship, and His assurance that He was indeed answering our prayers.


The day after my daughter’s dream about the harvest, I, too, had a dream, in which I looked out my kitchen window to see the lawn had grown so thick and high, I wondered how we would ever get a mower through it! Then, beyond the lawn, I saw it, an enormous vegetable garden, all laid out in neat blocks and rows and filled with big, healthy plants! I was in awe, because my physical garden is rarely neat and weed-free, but this one was pristine. Neat rows of corn and blocks of huge squash plants and every kind of vegetable you could imagine, and not a weed in sight! I knew in my heart this was a result of the help we had received in my daughter’s dream. And I knew it was about God’s provision as well as our prayer vigil and all the hours we have spent on our faces before the Lord for the territory He has given us.

Glory to God in the highest!

We would love to hear your experiences from the prayer vigil, or what the Lord is doing for you and showing you in this season. Let us share our testimonies and continue to lift one another up, in Jesus’ name!

God’s grace and peace be yours,


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