Activating the Seer Anointing: Montana Conference

Blessings Friends!

We just ended an amazing conference in Billings, Montana! Montana has been so amazing. My husband and I make a habit in restaurants of asking our servers if we can pray for them. Usually, we’re met with surprise, sometimes embarrassment or discomfort, but every server we asked in Montana responded with such joy, I believed we were blessed as much as they were! It was wonderful! God bless Montana!

In Billings, James A. Durham and his wife, Gloria, presented “Activating the Seer Anointing,” hosted by Steppin’ In Foundation. James, author of books including, Seven Levels of Glory, and Beyond the Ancient Door, has been experiencing Third Heaven visits from the age of three, and has now been commissioned by the Lord to release this anointing on The Church. Most of their ministry time is spent in Glory outpourings in Korea, so we were blessed to have them.

James is a retired Colonel from the U.S. Army, and his stories of his walk with The Lord were very inspiring and encouraging to me. He and Gloria were so warm and down-to-earth. There were about 70-80 people there, from Montana and even as far away as New Mexico. All came with a purpose—to receive more of God. I think I can say with confidence that no one left disappointed.

Praise and worship was led by a talented musician and author, Chris DuPre, and the presence of The Spirit and His Angels was so thick, I could feel it. I experienced something for the first time at the end of the conference. As James was anointing me and imparting Third Heaven visitation, all the strength left my legs, and I went down. I was literally paralyzed under The Glory. I felt like electricity was surging through my body! It was wonderful!

I’d asked James earlier what this “electricity” feeling is, it always happens to me when I spend alone time with The Lord, or worship Him—sometimes just when I think of Him. James told me it was the manifestation of His presence and glory. How awesome!

As I began to get up from the floor, I was stopped by a searing pain and burning in the right side of my face, my ear, and into my neck and shoulder. So I waited—thanking God, and asking for everything He wanted to impart to me.

When I was finally able to get up, I asked James about this, and he told me the right side represented  Kingdom Authority. God was imparting this to me by fire. James has seen this in his ministry in Korea. Needless to say, this is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

It’s amazing what I learn at times like these. Not about The Father, as I go expecting, but about myself. I went to this conference seeking a revelation from James: why aren’t I moving forward faster? Am I doing something wrong? Is there sin in me holding me back?

But James merely confirmed all The Lord has been telling me. He answered some of my questions, but the revelations I received came from The Spirit of Truth. The greatest revelation, that The Lord Himself is my only teacher. It was sobering to be reminded of my propensity to look to humans for direction. No one knows as much as God—and no one knows what I need to know better.

Another revelation was my habit of wanting to hold on to what I’ve been given. Even to return to what is familiar, when only letting go can free me to receive fresh anointing and revelation. I’d had a dream that showed me this some time ago, but in this instance, it was specifically dealing with the seer anointing.

From the time of my calling to a season of prayer, my dreams have become amazing, and The Spirit’s words of knowledge and direction have been like bread from Heaven. But, desiring more of God, I began rising at 5 a.m. to spend two hours each morning alone with Him. With the change in my sleep schedule, my dreams became fewer and farther between. I saw this as a bad thing. I missed that connection to My Dad, and I began questioning what I was doing. Though I felt His presence strongly during my prayer time, I missed His voice and visions.

But, during this conference, The Lord spoke to my heart. To be called into His presence in Heaven, to literally learn at His feet is infinitely better than seeing Him in my dreams, and yet, I wanted the dreams! Instead of looking forward—and up—I was looking back. Again.

I left this conference, looking forward to returning to my prayer room. Determined to stop focusing on my shortcomings, and just enjoy His presence and company. I have no doubt I received the anointing for Third Heaven visitation, and I have no problem waiting to hear those precious words from My Dad, “Come up here!”

Keep pressing in!

God’s grace and peace be yours,


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