The Spirit Falls in Bellevue!

Blessings Friends,

We were so blessed to be able to join our faith family at New Hope International Church, in Bellevue, Washington once more for an amazing weekend of worship and Holy Spirit power! Special thanks to Pastor Varun Laohaprasit  (Pastor Lao) and his beautiful wife, Pastor Da Laohaprasit, for making us feel so welcome.

My spiritual parents, James and Gloria Durham came from their home in North Carolina to share the awesome teachings and impartations they receive from the Lord. It was so good to see them again!

James taught from his latest book, 7 Hidden Keys: Unlocking Your Supernatural Mind, and as good as the book is, James’s teaching is always inspiring and highly anointed. The presence of the Lord was electric even before James began imparting greater spiritual giftings, and ministering angels filled the sanctuary!

We were even blessed to be able to pray for several of our new friends for healing, deliverance, and anointing. Johnny was able to raise his left arm again after we prayed for him, and he received an infilling of the Holy Spirit as I prophesied which infected everyone who touched him. It was so powerful!

We prayed and prophesied over Eric and his lovely wife, Maria who were also touched deeply. What a precious couple!

Gracie was busy, too, as our new friends Benny and Joy, newly transplanted from Indonesia, asked for prayer. Joy shared that she was expecting a child and asked Gracie to lay hands on her tummy. Gracie did just that and immediately began to prophesy over the child. Joy’s eyes filled with tears and she was overcome. After our prayer, she told us that the baby had kicked for the first time as Gracie prayed! What a beautiful gift from the Lord!

To be honest, I thought we were attending the conference just to see James and Gloria again and receive more anointing, and in fact as is usually the case when James and Gloria minister, few if any remained standing…But when James imparted the Holy Spirit power to move in miracles and then commanded us to pray for one another…well, let’s just say God had other plans. I think He likes to take us by surprise. Or perhaps the lesson was that wherever we go, the children of God should go prepared to watch God work!

It was wonderful to get to know Benny and Joy even better when we took them to lunch. They were so hungry for the supernatural things of God and His presence and relationship, it got us excited all over again. It’s my prayer that the Pacific Northwest and the entire United States be filled with such hunger. That the church would rekindle the Holy Flame inside them and set the world ablaze!

I just want to encourage you all to keep seeking, keep pressing into the Lord! In this season more than ever it’s time to set aside all hindrances and set our hearts on possessing the heart and mind of Christ. This is the only way the church will come into its fullness. How can you share Jesus with others if you don’t even know Him? Hearts aren’t changed by theories and suppositions! Hearts are changed by the unshakable love of God through the work of His only Son, imparted through His saints! I’m talking about miracles, signs, and wonders! But how can we impart what we have not yet obtained ourselves?

Time is short. It’s time to get real. It’s time to lay down our lives for Christ even as He laid down His life for us! It’s time to surrender our foolish pride and let the Holy Spirit do His sanctifying work in us so that we can freely access the Third Heaven for instruction, training, renewal, and power to bring to earth, that His Word might be fulfilled to His praise and glory!

It’s time to send the spirit of fear packing! It’s time to

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

God’s grace and peace be yours,


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