Promise of the Day: A Promise Fulfilled


Today’s Promise is Psalm 65:3 CJB:

When deeds of wickedness overwhelm me,
you will atone for our crimes.


These words of David blow me away. This was over a thousand years before Jesus was even born. Yet David had no doubt that God would atone for his sins. That kind of faith only comes through an intimate relationship with God. God reveals Himself to those who diligently seek Him, as David did, and He will “show them great and hidden things” Jer. 33:3 CJB. And, when we seek this level of intimacy with God, we can be just as certain that, as David foresaw, our Messiah has atoned for our crimes against God, fulfilling this promise. So, when the enemy comes against you, accusing you of all your failings, remember God’s faithfulness to His servant, David. And then remind the enemy!


Heavenly Father, I plead the blood of Jesus, not only over myself, but over all of my generations, past, present, and future, in Jesus’ name. There is power in the blood of Jesus, and You are a gracious and faithful God. I thank You and praise You for atoning for our sins, and fulfilling Your promise to Your servant, David. To You be the honor and the glory, forever and ever! Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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