Promise of the Day: Cared For


Today’s Promise is Nahum 1:7 CJB:

Adonai is good,
a stronghold in time of trouble;
he takes care of those
who take refuge in him.



There was a time when I thought I had many friends. Then I got cancer, and discovered that I didn’t have nearly as many friends as I thought. When we put our faith in people, we are bound to be disappointed. Even those closest to us can let us down when we need them most. Because people are flawed and we live in a broken world. But there is One who will remain true. He won’t keep His distance because He doesn’t know what to say, or your situation is just too depressing, or scary, or inconvenient. And He is there for you around the clock. God alone can be to us what human beings can never be. When we place our faith in God, nothing pleases Him more than proving to us that our faith is well-placed. He will take care of you. Always.


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your faithfulness to the faithful. I may not always feel Your presence, but I know You are with me nonetheless, holding me in Your capable hands and taking care of me. For this, I praise You. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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