Promise of the Day: Like Morning


Today’s Promise is Job 11:17 CJB:

“Your life will be brighter than noon;
even its darkness will be like morning.”


These words spoken by Tzofar were not of much comfort to Job at the time, but they are true nonetheless. As he mentions in the verses before, when we set our hearts right, put our iniquities behind us, and empty ourselves for God to fill, even our darkest hours will be bright as the morning. How can this be? Because when we make the Risen Son our main focus, His dazzling light makes all darkness flee. Only when we abide in Him, can we see the transient nature of this physical realm and the suffering we experience here. Only in Him can we know the incomparable glory of the Heavenly realm–which is eternal. The light of this knowledge leaves no room for darkness. And that is how we endure.


Heavenly Father, I thank You for making me a part of Your Kingdom. I know that all the pains and sorrows that I endure in this age are merely steps in my journey home. As painful as they may be now, I know that even the memory of them will disappear in the light of Your glory. Help me keep my focus on You, in Jesus’ name, and not let the darkness deceive or distract me, but to praise You in the pain and remain on the highway of holiness. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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