Promise of the Day: Weapons of God

Weapons of God


Today’s Promise is Isaiah 49:1, 2 CJB:

Coastlands, listen to me;
listen, you peoples far away:
Adonai called me from the womb;
before I was born, he had spoken my name.
He has made my mouth like a sharp sword
while hiding me in the shadow of his hand;
he has made me like a sharpened arrow
while concealing me in his quiver.”

Weapons of God


Have you heard the call? The Lord wants to fashion you into a mighty weapon for His Kingdom. A weapon against the enemy (Satan) and his army. Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to sharpen and polish you? There is nothing fearful about being a spiritual warrior, because God protects His own. And there are no conscientious objectors in this war. Only the conquerors and the conquered.


Heavenly Father, You are my strength and my victory. I surrender to You, Lord, to be sharpened and polished to route the remaining pockets of resistance of the enemy. Use me, Lord, to loose the chains of bondage on Your people, that we may glorify You in power and unity, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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