Vision for Revival in Jamaica

Blessings, Friends,

The other morning I had an amazing vision.

Under the power of the Holy Spirit, I ascended to the highest Heaven. I thought it was a pleasure trip—it was for me, anyway. I took my time coming back down and, when I did, I saw a great tree. It was loaded with bunches of big purple flowers with white tops (royalty crowned with the glory of God), like a wisteria. It was also heavy with large purple berries, almost as large as grapes. It was an ever bearing tree, simultaneously in flower and in fruit.

A beautiful Jamaican woman stood by the tree. She had a scarf around her head and a large bowl in her arms, ready to harvest the fruit. When I asked, she told me the name of the tree was Salvation.

It was beautiful, and I thought about all that could be done with that fruit! Then the Lord revealed the meaning of the vision. Jamaica is poised to reap a great harvest of Salvation! In other words, revival! I was blown away that the Lord would show me this because, though I pray daily for people all over the world, Jamaica had not been on my radar specifically–until now.

What I found interesting was, Jesus didn’t physically accompany me on my trip up. I was waiting on Him when I decided to go up, just for fun. But I used His power to propel me upward. It never occurred to me that I couldn’t do it. There was no fear, no effort on my part. It was all Him.

The Lord was also showing me how His heart is moved when we take time each day to be with Him. Not asking for anything or expecting anything, just enjoying His presence, worshiping, and meditating on His goodness. When we long for the Father’s presence like David did, the heart of God swells, opening the Heavens wider to pour out His goodness on the earth.

Many times in my time with the Lord, I don’t even know what to pray, so I just worship and let the Spirit pray through me. And I don’t always hear from Him. Sometimes it’s just worship. Then I’ll have a vision like this one that will let me know my prayer and worship has not been in vain. What an amazing God we serve! He loves to be with us, and He loves to have fun with us, in dreams and visions, and to give us gifts we never even think to ask for.

Please join me in praising God for this awesome gift, revival in Jamaica. It has already been accomplished in the spirit realm. I’ve seen it. I agree with it. Agree with me, and let’s praise God for its manifestation in the earth! Join me in declaring and decreeing the royal mantel of the Risen King upon all of Jamaica and that the crown of God’s glory will rest upon the heads of the people! In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen! And Amen!

I am praying for you as well, that you will know the joy of daily communion with the Lover of your souls.

God’s grace and peace be yours,


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