4th of July Report 2022

Blessings, Family,

As I write this, Chuck, Gracie, and I are at the 4th of July in the Park celebration—and it’s raining cats and dogs. Seriously coming down. But we are praising God anyway. Especially, because we got all set up before the heavens opened up. Every year something new and exciting happens when we set up the Watch God Work Prayer Booth, and we came expecting the same for this year. We’re believing this rain is prophetic sign of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to come. Stay tuned!

It is 10:20 am, and we’ve already been visited by some of our regulars. We’ve even had our first “What church are you from?” That’s always a big hit. The people who ask this usually look quite dubious when we tell them we are our own ministry, and then say something like, “Well, thanks for doing this,” before quickly walking away. Another phrase we hear a lot is “No. I don’t need prayer. I’m a believer.” 😳

The irony of this statement never fails to amaze me. We as followers of Christ, working out our Salvation day by day, are in need of prayer more than anyone. Paul stresses the importance of praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Face it, we are supposed to pose the greatest threat to the enemy, and as a result, walk around with targets on our backs! I have nothing but pity for any self-professed Christian who thinks they “don’t need prayer.”

Of course, not all church people act like this. Those who are wise enough to know you can never have enough prayer come into our booth like their home-away-from-home. Those are the people we come for: those craving the presence of God, those who are broken and hurting, those who are sick and in need of healing and hope. Lord, send Your people, and bless them through us. Amen.

Okay, we just had our first “customer.” How’s that for answered prayer? It was pouring rain, and he asked us to pray for the rain to stop. But once the Holy Spirit comes down, all bets are off. The Lord had me release the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, and boy, we all felt it! Then I was led to pray for his marriage, and yes, for the rain to stop. I think we surprised him. And guess what? The rain started to let up before we were finished praying. 😁

This is why we come. Sometimes serving the Lord can be intimidating and scary, but you know what? It’s never dull.

5:45 pm, and we are packing up. The sun was out the rest of the day, the crowds got thicker, and we were busy all day praying for people and sharing our ministry. It was an amazing day, and to be honest, it went much faster than I expected. And I’m praising God that I am not in nearly as much pain as I usually am after this event. Even after a serious accident three months ago, God gave me the grace to endure and enjoy a very long day of ministry. Praise His name!

Our biggest disappointment was in not seeing one of our favorite prayer warriors, Lori. But her dad dropped by to let us know she was not feeling well at all, and I ask you to please keep her in  your prayers. She did bless us with some amazing gifts, which was such a surprise. We took a picture of us modeling a few of the beautiful jewelry pieces she gave us. Thank you so much, Lori! We love you and miss you! God’s healing be upon you!

The thing about ministering like this is we may never know the outcome of our prayers. We just trust that our offering of obedience will be honored by God. But, this year, we heard over and over from the people we prayed for that they felt the tangible presence of God as we prayed. Some were quite surprised by this, and all were greatly encouraged. Our prayer is that all Christians will one day know and expect God’s presence when they call on His name.

Until that day, we thank God with all our hearts for allowing us to touch the lives of others for His Kingdom, and we stand in faith that those we prayed for received their independence from sickness and demonic oppression today, and that all our prayers were answered. All to the glory of God. Amen!

God’s grace and peace be with you all!


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