Promise of the Day: Daily Direction


Today’s Promise is Psalm 32:8 CJB:

“I will instruct and teach you
in this way that you are to go;
I will give you counsel;
my eyes will be watching you.”


Many people sit down each morning and check the weather, before they decide what to wear, or the financials, to determine what to do with their money, or the traffic report, before deciding on a route to work or school. Many check their social media, to decide whether they should feel good about themselves or not. And, to be fair, some do a quick Bible devotion to start their day right, which is good. But, if we really want to be successful and productive in life, there is one practice that should never be overlooked. Spending one-on-one time with the Lord. No one knows better than He does what you need each day, and He wants to tell you. He wants you to succeed. Take time each morning to sit down with  the Lover of your soul and ask Him to show you the way. He’s expecting you.


Heavenly Father, grant me, in Jesus’ name, a joyful anticipation to rise early and give You the first part of my day. The best part of my day. Teach me to quiet my mind and wait on You. Your voice is like honey to my soul. Feed me each morning with Your direction and goodness, that I may live a life that pleases and glorifies You. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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