Promise of the Day: Daily Training

Suit Up!


Today’s Promise is Ephesians 6:13 CJB:

“So take up every piece of war equipment God provides; so that when the evil day comes, you will be able to resist; and when the battle is won, you will still be standing.”

Suit Up!


The evil day comes every time we are tempted to choose our will over God’s will. Every time someone offends us. Every time fear raises its ugly head. Every time gossip opens its ugly mouth. Every time we are presented with an opportunity to sin. But Paul makes it clear in the preceding verses that being and staying in union with God, through Jesus Christ, is the most important step in victory. This is because the war we are in is a spiritual war, and God is Spirit. Only He can provide us with every piece of war equipment needed to defeat our enemy, who will do anything to destroy us. This equipment is the armor of God: Salvation, Faith, Truth, and Peace. All embodied in our Lord and Savior. Our enemy doesn’t rest. He doesn’t take a day off or a vacation, and he is just warming up. Learning to dwell in the Lord, and train with His weaponry daily through every test that comes our way, will ensure that, when Satan unleashes his full fury, we will remain standing. Victorious.


Heavenly Father, saturate me with Your Spirit, in Jesus’ name, and help me to grow and mature as a true Kingdom Warrior. I know I’m not warring with people, but with unclean spirits, but You are the most powerful Spirit of them all. Help me seek You daily, that I may glorify You in all I do and say. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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