Promise of the Day: Faith in Practice


Today’s Promise is James 1:25 CJB:

“But if a person looks closely into the perfect Torah, which gives freedom, and continues, becoming not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work it requires, then he will be blessed in what he does.”


I took piano lessons for five years, as a kid. I learned to read music and understand theory, and I got pretty good. Then, after a bad experience, I walked away from it. I stopped playing altogether, and today I can barely read music. I’m not a blessing to anyone when I sit down at a piano. In fact, I’m an embarrassment. Jesus, the way He lived and every word He spoke, is our Torah. Our perfect law of liberty. Keeping our eyes on Him and His Word brings freedom, but it’s the doing of the Word, obedience, that brings growth and transformation, as the very nature of Jesus becomes ingrained in us. We begin to think like He thinks and act like He acts. When our faith is challenged, we respond with knowledge and grace, instead of giving up and walking away. Then God not only blesses us, but everyone around us.


Heavenly Father, I love Your Torah. I love Your Son. He is my life, and I want to share that life with others. Help me, in Jesus’ name, to not just read and memorize Scripture, but live it. Help me keep my eyes on Jesus, my living Torah. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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