Promise of the Day: Being Pursued


Today’s Promise is Psalm 23:6 CJB:

Goodness and grace will pursue me
every day of my life;
and I will live in the house of Adonai
for years and years to come.


I know the King James Version says, “follow me,” but I love the more detailed definition of “pursue.” Don’t you love the image of God’s goodness and grace [mercy] pursuing you? This is what our Father offers us. To be relentlessly pursued by His goodness and grace, and to remain forever in the shelter of His house. The more you get to know your Good Shepherd, the more you will walk in this reality, as your faith in Him grows. Who could say no to that?


Heavenly Father, You are my Good Shepherd. Help me to trust completely in Your care, in Jesus’ name, for You provide everything I need, making me free to enjoy Your presence. Thank You for making me a home in Your house, that I may live with You forever. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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