Promise of the Day: Hold on Tight

Position Yourself!


Today’s Promise is 1 Corinthians 15:1-2 CJB:

Now, brothers, I must remind you of the Good News which I proclaimed to you, and which you received, and on which you have taken your stand, and by which you are being saved — provided you keep holding fast to the message I proclaimed to you. For if you don’t, your trust will have been in vain. 


When we hear and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is only the beginning. From receiving, we must take a stand on it, allowing the Holy Spirit to grow our faith through action. But even then, our part is not over. It’s not easy being different, holding the line against the barrage of popular opinion. Especially over long periods of time. Ask any soldier. We can grow weary waiting for our Lord’s return, constantly standing against a world Satan uses as his personal battering ram against the people of God. But, if we are to take our Salvation across the finish line, we must hang on to the Truth of the Gospel like a shield and a sword. We must fasten it around us like armor and never take it off. But we are not alone in this. God has given us the Host of Heaven to fight on our behalf. We only need to call on them. He has given us His very Spirit to give us supernatural strength. We just have to submit to Him. And He has given us each other to pray for and encourage one another. We just need to reach out.


Heavenly Father, You know the struggles I face day by day. I thank You for each and every one. Because Your Son has gone before me to make a way through them, and each one builds my faith. Fill me with Your Spirit, Lord, in Jesus’ name, and give me the strength to hang on to Your Truth as if my life depends on it. Because it does. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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