Promise of the Day: Into the Light


Today’s Promise is Psalm 119:130 CJB:

Your words are a doorway that lets in light,
giving understanding to the thoughtless.”


Have you ever been in a dark room, then opened a door and had the room flood with light? God is our source of light, casting out all darkness, dispelling all ignorance and confusion. His Word, in the person of Jesus Christ, is the door giving us access to His light. As with any door, you have to open it to gain access to what is on the other side. But as soon as we close the door, we are once more in the dark. Unlimited understanding is ours, when we choose not only to open the door, but to leave our dark room and step through the door and into the light. We do this by fervently pursuing a relationship with Jesus above all else through prayer, fasting, and meditating on His written Word.


Heavenly Father, I need Your light. I need understanding that can come only from You, to be able to see people and circumstances from Your perspective and act accordingly. Open my eyes, Lord, in Jesus’ name, and grant me understanding, that I may walk continually in Your peace and glorify You on earth as You are in Heaven. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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