Promise of the Day: Scorpion-Proof


Today’s Promise is Ezekiel 2:7-7 CJB:

 “As for you, human being, don’t be afraid of them or their words, even if briars and thorns surround you, and you sit among scorpions. Don’t be afraid of their words or be upset by their looks, for they are a rebellious house. You are to speak my words to them, whether they listen or not, for they are very rebellious.”


It can be a dangerous thing to speak words that aren’t popular in our culture and even in our churches. This hasn’t changed since the days of Ezekiel. But God has called His people to speak the truth, regardless of how it makes people feel, because our God isn’t a feel-good god. He is our sovereign Creator and King, and He is holy. He has called us to be holy, and holiness comes at a cost. It doesn’t always feel good, but our God is more concerned with saving our immortal souls than making our dying flesh comfortable. When God gives us a commission to preach, share, or write something that others may find offensive, it is because He loves them, and wants to save them from eternal destruction. Remembering this helps me keep going, and it will help you, too.

It is not the job of the prophet to convince people of the truth. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job. Our job is to speak the words God gives us to speak in all boldness, knowing God protects His faithful servants. We may never know who our obedience affects until we meet them in Heaven.


Heavenly Father, the walk of Your Son, Your prophets before Him, and His Disciples after Him, showed me that being Your spokesperson isn’t easy, but it is very necessary. Help me, Lord, in Jesus’ name, to speak Your truth boldly and unapologetically, that I might glorify You and that Your will be done. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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