Promise of the Day: The Desire of the Humble


Today’s Promise is Psalm 10:17 NKJV:

Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear…”

The Desire of the Humble


Sometimes it seems that the evil people do will never be punished. It’s a great temptation to secure justice for ourselves. We must remember that, just as God remembers no more the sins of the righteous, He also never forgets the evil of the wicked. God’s timing is not our timing, but we will answer for all our deeds, good and bad. Trust in God’s justice, and rejoice in the freedom the blood of Christ has given you to rise above revenge.


Heavenly Father, help me to rejoice in my tribulations, in Jesus’ name, knowing You are growing me through them all, and that Your Glory will be my rearguard. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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