Promise of the Day: The Flow

Something New!


Today’s Promise is Psalm 41:1 CJB:

“How blessed are those who care for the poor! When calamity comes, Adonai will save them.”

Something New!


The flow of God’s blessing is just that. A flow. It begins with the Father, flows to us, and then is meant to continue on to others. When we view life from an earthly perspective, it’s easy to want to hang on to what we’ve got. That feels safe. But, if God’s blessing stops with us, it ceases to be a flow. In the heavenly perspective, which is our reality, God’s stores never run dry. In fact, the more we bless others, the more the flow of God’s blessing increases to us…so the more we can bless others. Who can you bless, today?


Heavenly Father, help me remember that Your store house never runs dry. Help me to be as generous with others as You are with me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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