Promise of the Day: The Sanctified Tongue


Today’s Promise is 1 Peter 3:10 NKJV:

“He who would love life
And see good days,
Let him refrain his tongue from evil,
And his lips from speaking deceit.”


I can remember a time in my life when my speech was anything but holy. I would never have dreamed of punching someone in the face, but my sarcastic tongue struck with lightening speed at any opportunity. The object of course was to make myself look clever, a defense mechanism developed from years of being the butt of other people’s jokes. But it was an illusion of power, that in fact merely advertised my own insecurities.

When I began to shift my focus from myself to the Lord, things began to change. I began to identify more with Him and less with my past hurts and failures. I began to feel the pain I caused those on the receiving end of my sarcasm. The same pain I was trying to escape. I was mortified. When I began to see others through His eyes, they were no longer potential threats to my already feeble self-image, but frail vulnerable works in progress. Works that need building up, not tearing down. How about you? Would you love life and see good days? Is your tongue reflecting that?


Heavenly Father, You are bigger than my mouth. I surrender my heart and tongue to You moment by moment, in Jesus’ name. I don’t have to defend myself anymore. I can trust You to defend me, and I can be free to love and be loved. Thank You for helping me to see others through Your eyes. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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