Promise of the Day: Unstoppable



Today’s Promise is Philippians 4:13 NKJV:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”



“All things.” Do you believe that? I love how Paul talks in the preceding verses about the “secret” to success, if you will. He learned, as we all should, that as long as he remained in (completely submitted to) Christ, it is Christ who lives through us. His strength, His endurance, His peace. We need never say, “I don’t know if I can do this,” Rather, we can say “I know He is more than able.” He is our strength. Praise His Name!


Heavenly Father, please help me, in Jesus’ name, to focus not on what I have or don’t have, but on what You have. For all that is Yours, You freely give, and all that I need is in You! Amen!

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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