Promise of the Day: A Change in Ownership

Knowing God


Today’s Promise is Romans 6:22 CJB:

“However, now, freed from sin and enslaved to God, you do get the benefit — it consists in being made holy, set apart for God, and its end result is eternal life.”


Bob Dylan recorded a song some years ago, called “Gotta Serve Somebody.” In this song, he makes it clear that, regardless of what you do in life, you will be serving one of two people. The devil or the Lord. This is wisdom that comes only from knowing Jesus. What astounds me is that so many people who call themselves Christians today deny this fact. They believe that being “set free” means set free from all bondage. In truth, we have been ransomed from Satan, paid for with the precious blood of Christ. And, because it was Jesus who paid that price, it is now He who owns us. Even as Paul called himself a slave of the Messiah, so are we. Before we were ransomed, we may have thought we were serving ourselves, but Satan was our master. Now, as slaves of Messiah, we must submit to Him, as His Spirit works in us to make us Holy, to conform us to His image. Reverting back to serving ourselves once we accept the gift of redemption makes a mockery of the Cross. Those who are truly grateful for Salvation live to please and glorify their Redeemer and King in joyful obedience, that they may one day hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Heavenly Father, please forgive me, in Jesus’ name, for ever believing that I could take such a precious gift as Your Son, only to go on serving my own selfish desires. I know now that You own me, spirit, body, and soul, and that I owe You my life. Take it, Lord. For You redeemed me, and only You can make something beautiful of my life. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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