Promise of the Day: The Greatest Reward

The Greatest Reward


Today’s Promise is 1 Thessalonians 2:19 CJB:

“For when our Lord Yeshua returns, what will be our hope, our joy, our crown to boast about? Won’t it be you?”

The Greatest Reward


As God’s children, our greatest reward for serving the Lord will be seeing the countless people we brought into the Kingdom receiving their white robes. That doesn’t always require preaching. We can touch people’s hearts by sharing our testimony, and even with a kind word or deed. How many people will you see in Heaven because of something you said or did? How many will you not see there because of something you said or did? Or didn’t say or do? Every encounter is an opportunity for God to love someone through you. Don’t waste even one.


Heavenly Father, my greatest joy in life is knowing You. I want others to know that joy. Speak to me moment by moment, in Jesus’ name, helping me to take advantage of the time You have given me, to reveal Your love to others. Whether it be in word or deed, let all I do be a reflection of You. Amen.

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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