Promise of the Day: Trust Completely

Don't Stop Believing


Today’s Promise is Psalm 37:40 NKJV:

“And the Lord shall help them and deliver them;
He shall deliver them from the wicked,
And save them,
Because they trust in Him.”

Don't Stop Believing


What a blessing to know that my Father will deliver me from whatever the enemy throws at me. Not because I’m good, or smart, or call myself by one denomination or another, or do lots of good things… But simply because I believe that He will. Because I choose to believe His promise over the lies of the enemy. Because my Father is who He is, I can focus on blessing my enemies and leave the rest to Him. Are you believing for deliverance?


Heavenly Father, thank You for taking care of my enemies, so I don’t have to! Please, clothe and fill me with Your Spirit, and let Your promises become my reality. I rebuke the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus Christ, and stand on Your truth! Amen!

Have a victorious day in the Lord!


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